How does solar work?

Your solar power system converts sunlight into usable electricity.

The power company pays you for all of the electricity you feed back into the grid.

The energy you use is offset by this credit allowing you to eliminate all of your power bill.

What is the process?

Step 1 - Online Form

The easiest way to get started is to complete the online form at the top of this webpage. It will take you no more then 60 seconds to complete and will instantly tell you if you qualify.

Step 2 - Quality Check

One of our installers will review the information you've submitted and use satellite imagery to ensure your property is suitable for solar.

Step 3 - Phone Consult

The assigned installer will then proceed to give you a call to discuss their findings and run you through all of the amazing benefits of going solar.

Step 4 - On-site Review

If you're happy to proceed, the installer will visit you at your house to conduct an on-site assessment and finalise your plan to go solar.

Step 5 - Install and Save

Finally, your solar system will be booked for install and you can then enjoy reaping all of the benefits from day 1.

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